IPA Webinar on Mother and Newborn: Essentials for COVID-19

18 Apr, 2020

On behalf of th International Pediatric Association, we cordially invite you to the first in a series of Webinars planned by IPA & FIGO supported  by UNICEF and WHO on Wednesday, 21st April 2020 at 1530-1630 hrs Arabia Standard Time.

Title                           Mother and Newborn- Essentials for COVID -19 
Opening                     Dr Naveen Thacker
Introduction              Dr Errol Alden 
Moderator                  Dr Jonathan Klein 
1st speaker               Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta -  What's known?
2nd speaker              Dr Anwar Nassar - COVID-19: Pregnancy Specific Management and Maternal Health Outcomes 
3rd speaker              Dr Stefan Peterson- Recommendations from UNICEF 
4th speaker              Dr Anshu Banerjee- Recommendations from WHO
Q&A                          Dr Naveen Thacker and Dr Jonathan Klein
Please see below the link to join the webinar streaming live on YouTube.