Saudi Pediatric Association Bylaws

The Saudi Pediatric Association policies and procedures are governed by the Rules and regulations for scientific societies in Saudi Universities, issued by the Council of Higher Education vide decree no. (10/15/1420).

General Assembly of the Saudi Pediatric Association

The general assembly is constituted from the active members of the Association. It meets once a year upon the request from the head of board of the directors. The meeting becomes legal if attended by the majority of the members, otherwise, an alternative meeting is held after two weeks and it shall be legal irrespective of the number of members present. Upon a request in advanced, either by the board of directors or by five members from the general assembly an extra ordinary meeting may be held whenever necessary.

General Assembly Duties

The general assembly shall endeavor to achieve all the objectives of the Association; and it exclusively shall perform the following duties:

  1. To decide the rules and regulations of the Association’s internal code of conduct.
  2. To approve the annual budget of the Association and approve its annual audit report.
  3. To elect the members of the board of directors.
  4. To approve the Association’s end of year report.
  5. To approve the establishment of certain branches as requested by the board of directors.
  6. To propose the establishment of new branches in response to a request submitted by the board of directors.
  7. To appoint an independent auditor and decide the fee amount to be paid to the auditor.
  8. To propose the transfer of the Association’s location to another university.
  9. To initiate a proposal to dissolve the Association.

Honorary Head of the Society

Upon a proposal submitted by the board of directors, the general assembly may nominate an honorary president for the Association from personalities known to have interests in the Association’s field of work. The elected individual serves this post for an unrenewable three-year-term period based on a decision of King Saud University Council. The honorary president is entitled to preside all sessions he may opt to attend.

Revenues and budget of the Society

First: The Association depends principally on its initiated resources such as:

  1. The total sum of the annual membership fee.
  2. The revenues collected from the sale of literatures, periodicals, and other services that the Association extends within the legal framework of the Association’s defined objectives.
  3. The revenues collected from training course and programs it designs.
  4. Contributions, donations and grants extended to the Association by the sponsoring university and/or other agencies and individuals.

Board of directors

Constitution of the board of directors

The board of directors is composed of a group of the active members, no more than nine, to be elected by the general assembly by means of secret ballot; at least one third of the board members needs to be from the University that supervises the Society.

The post term of the council membership lasts for a three-year period renewable for one additional term.

In case a member of the board of directors has not attended the council meetings for three times in a row without a justifiable excuse, the board of directors may opt to consider him resigned.

In case a seat in the Council becomes open, the board of directors may elect an alternative member. This action needs to be approved by the general assembly in the earliest meeting.

Presidency and Vice-presidency of the Board of Directors

By means of a secret ballot, the board of directors may choose from its members an individual to serve as the Head of the Board for a three-year-term period renewable for only one term provided the elected member is an employee of the university that supervises the Society. In the same manner, the council may choose from its members an individual to serve in the post of vice president and another to serve in the post of treasurer.

The head of the board of directors is the person who represents the Association and acts on its behalf with official departments (both locally and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) in accordance with regulations and measures observed. He may opt to preside the council of the general assembly.

Duties of the Board of Directors

The board of directors is entitled the following duties:

  1. To propose the budget of the Association.
  2. To arrange the agenda of the general assembly.
  3. To propose the general policy of the Association within the framework of the objectives stated hereon, and to explain that policy before the general assembly in order to be verified and adopted.
  4. To propose the internal code of conduct of the Association and also propose its future activities.
  5. To form committees and specialized groups that may perform tasks and activities of the Association.
  6. To prepare the annual activity report of the Association and to present it to the concerned council in King Saud University after it has been verified and approved by the general assembly.
  7. To define the membership fee on yearly basis.
  8. To assign certain parties the duty of planning research and study projects.
  9. To approve holding symposia, forums, training courses, and seminars in accordance with roles and regulations observed and in a manner adopted by universities.
  10. To accept donations, grants, assistance and scholarships.

Meetings of the Board of Directors

The board of directors may hold regular meeting monthly. Its meeting is legitimate if attended by the majority of its members. The board of directors may also hold extraordinary meetings whenever more than half of its members or at least five members of the general assembly or the head of the board of directors request such a meeting. In the sessions of the extraordinary meetings, the discussion is restricted to issues that have necessitated the meeting of the council. The decision to be adopted by the board of directors should be concluded based on the majority of the votes balloted in the meeting. In case of a tie vote, the head of the council’s is a casting vote.