Membership of the Saudi Pediatric Association

Membership advantages

Membership of the Saudi Pediatric Association entitles members to the following:

  • Receive SPA news including SPA SMS announcement service about conferences, symposia, courses and other Pediatric CME activities.
  • Receive a copy of publications issued by the SPA and get access to certain special contents of the SPA website.
  • Members of the Saudi Pediatric Association get a discount which may exceed 50% of the registration fees of conferences and symposia organized by the SPA.

Membership requirements

The following are the steps needed to become a member of the SPA:

  1. Complete the SPA membership online subscription form.
  2. Send a brief biography (C.V.).
  3. Payment of one year subscription fees (one hundred SR) (or two hundred and fifty SR for a three year subscription) to the following bank account:
    Saudi Pediatric Association
    SABB BANK, Nozha Branch–Riyadh
    Account number: 07 529 000 700 1
    IBAN: SA2945000 0000 7529 000 7001

Membership categories

The Saudi Pediatric Association membership falls into three categories:

  1. Active membership: This membership requires the following:
    1. A degree in an area related to the Association’s field of specialty.
    2. A Membership fee.
    3. Approval by the board of directors.
    4. Fulfillment of other regulations stated by the board of directors.

    The cost for this membership is 100 SAR for one year, 250 SAR for 3 years.

  2. Honorary membership: This membership is to be granted by the General Assembly to individuals who have participated towards the development of the Association’s areas of interests, or individuals who have extended moral or financial services to the Association. A member of this category is exempted from membership fee; she/he may attend the sessions of both the General Assembly and its varied committees and participate in the discussions conducted in the sessions.
  3. Affiliation membership: This membership gives its holder a discount of 50% of the annual membership fee. She/he may attend the sessions of the General Assembly and other meetings held by its committees where he has the right to participate in the discussions but not to vote. This membership can be grantd to:
    1. University students enrolled in a field of study related to the Association’s area of specialty.
    2. Individuals who fail to meet the requirement of accredited degree, applicable to the active member, but, currently, they work or have an interest in the Association’s field of specialty.